1981 was a quieter year for Pink Floyd in terms of new releases, but the band continued to tour with "The Wall." Following the successful launch of the tour in 1980, the band extended their performances into 1981, playing additional shows in Europe, including a historic series of concerts at Earl's Court in London. These shows were notable for their elaborate stage production, complete with the symbolic wall that was constructed and demolished during the performance. The dramatic use of props, animations, and synchronized lighting effects continued to captivate audiences, making "The Wall" tour one of the most iconic rock performances of all time.During this year, Pink Floyd's internal dynamics were increasingly strained. Roger Waters' dominant role in the creation and execution of "The Wall" led to conflicts with other band members, particularly David Gilmour and Richard Wright. Despite these tensions, the band's performances remained a major draw, with audiences captivated by the theatricality and musical mastery of the live shows.