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Momentary Lapse of Reason

"Momentary Lapse of Reason" is the thirteenth studio album by Pink Floyd, released in 1987, and the first album released by the band after the departure of original member Roger Waters. Despite Waters' absence, the album retains Pink Floyd's signature sound while also incorporating new elements and experimentation that make it a standout album in the band's catalog.

The album features several standout tracks, including "Learning to Fly," which opens the album with a memorable guitar riff and soaring vocals that are reminiscent of the band's earlier works. Other standout tracks include "On the Turning Away," which features stunning guitar work and haunting vocals, and "Sorrow," which builds to a powerful climax with its soaring guitar solos and sweeping orchestration.
The album also features several instrumental tracks, including "Terminal Frost" and "Round and Around," which showcase the band's ability to create immersive soundscapes and stunning musical textures.

One of the most notable aspects of "Momentary Lapse of Reason" is the use of modern production techniques and instrumentation, such as the prominent use of synthesizers and drum machines. While some fans of the band's earlier work may have initially been hesitant to embrace these new elements, they ultimately help to create a fresh and exciting sound that is still unmistakably Pink Floyd.

The album also features several collaborations with new members of the band, including guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson, who co-wrote several of the album's tracks. These collaborations help to create a sense of new energy and creativity within the band.

In conclusion, "Momentary Lapse of Reason" may have been a departure from the band's earlier works, but it is still a masterful album that showcases Pink Floyd's continued creativity and musicianship. With its mix of old and new sounds, the album bridges the gap between the band's past and future, creating a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience that is sure to delight both longtime fans and newcomers to the band.